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More Boring Trucking Info.. HaHa January 21, 2009

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Been a crazy week so far.  A LOT of information to digest with the new job.  Rules, regulations, Haz Mat, Log books, Hours of service, a lot of sitting and watching videos on safe driving techniques, winter driving, how to unload product at the stops, how to handle being robbed ( hey, I’m sure I’ll be at the Wendy’s in the Bronx at some point 😯 )

One more day of orientation, spending time in the truck learning unloading techniques, how to operate the reefer unit, the computer logging system, and other basic how to stuff.

I go out Friday night on my first run as a helper, not driving,  no idea where yet and will spend next week running a trailer from Harrisburg, Pa. to Milford, Conn. and bringing one back.  After that  I will be with my trainer doing 2 layover runs (out making deliveries, layover in a hotel, finish deliveries then come home) a week until probably mid march or so…

So far it has been very good as far as training, emphasis on safety and running legal, the benefits are very good and the people all seem to be very helpful with wanting us to succeed. 

Thank you for your prayers and please don’t stop now!!!  😀

Thank You God for this opportunity to get into a new career and help me to take it where You want it to go…


It’s Official January 8, 2009

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I just got off the phone with Human Recources at SygmaNetwork.  I passed all the physicals, strength assesment and the driving test… 


I start on January 19th.  A few days of orientation and then 100 hours driving with a trainer ( which should take me mostly out of the winter driving season 😯 ) and then as a relief driver until a route opens up and I can bid on it.


This is like what I’ll be driving.  A Volvo VN430 with a 48ft. reefer.  I’ll be making deliveries to Texas Roadhouse, Panera Bread, Wendy’s, Jenny Craig, Panda Express and Cold Stone Creamery resturants in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C, Deleware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and NewYork.  3 to 4 runs a week average 20 hours out each run.  At the current time most of these runs are with 2 drivers so half of that time ( in theory 😆 ) I’m getting paid to be a passenger.

They just cancelled the second shift where I work  now and let 5 people go, possibly 2 others tomorrow.   That makes a total of 12 people laid off since October (about half of the shop)

God’s timing is amazing as usual.  He is faithful and deserves the praise for this excellent opportunity.  Thank You Father God for Your blessings on this family.

Please pray for a safe and enjoyable time of learning for me and patience and encouragement for my family as we all adjust to this new schedule.


ps. you are getting verrrry hungry, go to Wendy’s and buy a triple already 😆

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes January 4, 2009

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First off, this is not a post about new years resolutions.  To be honest I haven’t made those for quite some time now.  It is however, what I think is a season of change for my life.  God has been very faithful to our family the last few years.  We have been blessed beyond what we could possibly deserve.  Some of the things that are happening now I believe are a direct result of God leading us in a new direction.  I will be posting some of these changes as they occur.

Probably the biggest change on the horizon is my job.   I have been in the plastic injection molding field since 1986.  It’s not what I wanted to do with my life (we can’t all be rockstars now can we 😆 ) but it has provided a decent life for myself and my family. 

Since October of 2008 God has opened the doors for me to be able to get a CDL and remarkably enough, actually find a great paying driving job with a LOT of home time.  I’ve had several people tell me that this is the worst they have ever seen the trucking industry and there are a lot of experienced drivers looking for work right now.  

Given the fact that I have basically no experience, to land this job was nothing short of a miracle.  

I have never been one for being patient and in the past have been impulsive when it comes to making decisions about the future.  Gods patience with me on the other hand has been huge. 

Father God, we look forward to this exciting time in our lives.  Thank you for Your guidance and we pray that we would see clearly the path You are laying before us.  Help us to make good decisions and most importantly follow your lead.  Take us where you want us to be.  Thank You for your blessings in Christ’s name.  Amen

Thankful November 25, 2008

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Caedmon’s Call – Thankful

It’s hard to even list the things I’m thankful for, I think my fingers would fall off before I got it done.

Soooooo….. Here’s a few

  • Jesus Christ, who by His sacrifice makes it all possible
  • My amazing wife Darla whom I love more every day ( really 😆 )
  • Our awesome kids: Lacey, Katrina & Derek
  • Family and friends
  • All the blessings I really didn’t deserve 
  • My job (even though it’s getting really weird there lately)
  • My new career ( if I can find a job 😯 )
  • Music
  • All the good friends I’ve met blogging and the wisdom from it
  • The fact that God is faithful even when I’m not

Well the list goes on, and on, and on……….

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Rockin’ Down the Highway November 15, 2008

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passed2520stampYes, in just 3 short weeks YOU too can drive the big rigs 😯


Today was my “Final Exam”.  It consisted of the pre trip and air brake inspections, road test and backing test.  I must admit God was absolutely amazing in all of this, from back when I took the permit test ( missed 2 questions out of 100 ) to getting the financing to pay for school ( last time I checked they’re not exactly giving money away right now and the good credit poster child I ain’t 🙄 ) to today when the rain COMPLETELY stopped for the  1 1/2 hours it took for my test.  My instructor said “well look at that, the rain stopped”.  All I could say was “GOD IS GOOD!!!”  You are allowed 27 points to still be able to pass and I had 5.


Needless to say I’m thrilled that it all came together and went so well and I can’t wait to see how God plans to use this because I really believe He made it happen.

the Doobie Brothers “Rockin’ Down the Highway”

Road Trip November 1, 2008

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Just finished up my second week of truck driving school.  I’ve been going Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 2 hours and 5 hours on Saturday mornings.  Most of my time has been spent in the “yard” learning basic skills such as how to double clutch, backing in a straight line, alley docking and just getting used to driving a 70 foot tractor trailer with a 10 speed transmission. 

Today we took “Blackie”, a 1995 Peterbilt with a 48′ trailer out for a little road trip.  I spent about 3 1/2 hours driving around beautiful Lancaster County Amish Country.  All total I drove 81 miles.  I was a little nervous at first but it came together pretty quickly and it was a smooth and uneventful first time out.


1,000,000 miles and still runs like a champ. Nice driving truck.

65 m.p.h on the interstate.

King of the Road 😆

Thank You Father God for pulling this all together.  This is truly amazing…

Going Straight and In Circles October 25, 2008

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4 more hours behind the wheel today.  Did another pre trip inspection and 3 hours of backing and pull up practice.  Getting smoother on the shifting.  Got it up to 6th gear and back down before I ran out of real estate.  Got the thumbs up from Wilt, my instructor.  The last hour we spent driving around the lot and practicing alley docking ( pulling the truck up at a 90 degree angle to a simulated loading dock then turning right to about 45 degrees and then backing between the cones )

Wilt told me to think of the angles like lining up a pool shot.  Minnesota Fats I ain’t 😆

I was driving an older Freightliner with a 53′ trailer today.  One of the trucks that stays in the yard because they can’t drive it on the street.  They use it to show examples of things that fail the pre trip 😯


 alley docking

Next week we work on this some more, parallel parking & coupling/uncoupling.

Pre Trip And Double Clutching……. October 24, 2008

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Last night was the first hands on training session for my CDL license.  We went over the pre trip inspection, and air brake checks.  My Instructor is really cool and laid back and I’m the only one taking the evening classes so far so I’m getting one on one instruction.

Got to drive the truck, a Kenworth T600 with a 53′ trailer for about 1 1/2 hours.  I was working on backing in a straight line and learning double clutch shifting.  My “zone” was a lane about 10 feet wide and 100 yards long and I had to keep within the lines while backing from one end to the other and driving back to the other end and starting over.  Pretty 😎


Here’s a pic of a truck like the one I was driving: